One of the fastest and most spectacular elements in rodeo

Barrel racing is a rodeo event in which a horse and rider attempt to complete a cloverleaf pattern around preset barrels in the fastest time. Though both boys and girls compete at the youth level and men compete in some amateur venues and jackpots, in collegiate and at rodeos, it is primarily an event for women. It combines the horse's athletic ability and the horsemanship skills of a rider in order to safely and successfully maneuver a horse in a cloverleaf pattern around three barrels (typically three fifty-five gallon metal or plastic drums) placed in a triangle in the center of an arena. Explosive turns and acceleration are inherent to barrel racing.

Working terrain
Indoor and Outdoor arenas.  Slightly deep ground is prefered.

Rest place/daily stay
Paddock pasture and stall

Horse characteristics
Typcial barrel horse is a Quarter horse, however you may see any breed in the arena.  From Arabians to Throughbreds.  Short cannon bones and low set hocks are desired for sprinting speed and agile turns. Good bone and good feet are essential to the logevity of a barrel horse.  As the sport is regeriously demanding on the horse's body.

Shoeing location
Shoeing areas in their stables.

Shoeing advice
Breakover points and heel support are generally important for most barrel horses. Having enough sole depth and a shorter toes in front and behind tend to be better for not straining  tendons and ligaments.  

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Horse and rider in a barrel race

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