Heller Red Tang hoof rasp, rasp side
Heller Red Tang, rasp side
Heller Red Tang hoof rasp, detail
Heller Red Tang, detail

Heller Red Tang

Developed for hard and dry hooves

Small teeth with a more concentrated pattern for an efficient cut in arid environments or for harder hooved horses. 

Rasp side:

  • Smaller tooth design
  • More concentrated tooth pattern, ideal for hard and dry hooves
  • Developed for dry weather conditions

File side: 

  • File pattern creates efficient removal of hoof with little effort leaving a smooth surface

Product summary

  • great rasp for every day use
  • suitable for dry weather conditions
  • the coarse side will take a lot of hoof due to the size of the teeth, so mind this especially on the dorsal wall
  • can leave some lines on the wall, possibly maing it useful to combine with the Heller Pro-Finish
  • Indoor
  • Dry
  • Australian rodeo
  • Barrel racing
  • Chilean rodeo
  • Dressage
  • Leisure
  • Rodeo
  • Show jumping
UK farrier Grant Moon

The past craft traditions have never been so important to the horse, but when combined with science the horse is the winner

Grant Moon, farrier in the United Kingdom

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