Heller Pro Finish hoof rasp
Heller Pro Finish
Heller Pro Finish hoof rasp
Heller Pro Finish

Heller Pro Finish

The Champions' choice

Heller Pro-Finish is a great complimentary finishing file for every day use. Produces a very high degree of hoof wall finish.

  • MultiGlide side for the right amount of hoof removal and a show quality finish.
  • SmoothGlide side for extra fine removal, leaving an overall high quality polished finish.

Product summary

  • enhances hoof finish quality
  • longer life of your shoeing rasp
  • add an extra tool in your box
355.6 mm
44 mm
5 mm
Teeth per row
Not applicable
  • Indoor
  • Dry
  • Winter
  • Australian rodeo
  • Classical dressage
  • Draft horse showing
  • Dressage
  • Point-to-point
  • Quarter horse
  • Show jumping
German farrier Errol Wernike

Going to events and clinics had a big influence on how I'm doing my work today

Errol Wernike, farrier in Germany

  • An old profession in a modern way

    Stéphane Bréhin, farrier in France

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    The French farrier Stéphane Brehin at work

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