Loose and very uneven ground

Loose surface and very uneven. Things to consider: bruising and puncture wounds are common, twisting of the limbs due to uneven ground.

Often the horse will not be working fast due to the uneven surface and may be reluctant to move forward due to the stones and rocks.

A wide web shoe will give maximum support, cover and durability, but will be very slippy on such a surface. Additional traction is recommended A stronger section is advised more like a 10 mm shoe to raise the hoof from the surface. Applying leather pads or no shock pads would be a good idea as this will help prevent the sole getting damaged in such terrain. Stay away from a pour in pad with a rim fill as this would make the shoe and pad into a fully level surface, which may cause the horse to twist and cause excessive strain when landing on a big rock, more like a seesaw effect and on smaller stones it would have an effect like standing on marbles. Using a pour in pad such as Equipak make sure to not to fill the hoof and shoe fully.

Using a pour in pad such as Equipak make sure to not to fill the hoof and shoe fully, only half the depth as this will ensure the horse still has grip on such a terrain. When using leather pads or No shock plastic pads make sure to fill underneath the pad to ensure no small stones or dirt get underneath the pad. This will help prevent abscesses.

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