Heller Excel Original hoof rasp, rasp side
Heller Excel Original, rasp side
Heller Excel Original hoof rasp, file side
Heller Excel Original, file side
Heller Excel Original hoof rasp, 3D rasp side view
Heller Excel Original, rasp side
Heller Excel Original hoof rasp, detail
Heller Excel Original, detail

Heller eXceL Original

Maximum efficiency and balance in various conditions

Rasps side:

The eXceL Original has a coarse side which is designed to remove material easily with smaller-sized teeth that feature an open structure to prevent clogging. Its particular design makes this rasp versatile for a variety of climates and hoof quality. 

10% wider and thinner than a regular rasp making it a very well balanced tool, making rasping more efficient.

The larger working surfaces make it easier for levelling and flattening of the hoof wall.

The rasp side has a concentrated pattern with over 700 teeth which are smaller in size for ease of horn removal

File side:

Original Heller cut fileside, wider so making more efficient flattening and levelling, leaving a smooth finish.

Product summary

  • wider, giving greater surface area
  • slows minimum effort and maximum efficiency
  • positive result in various conditions
  • during rasping of the hoofwall you may need to keep a steeper angle than with a regular rasp
  • All weather
  • Cross-country
  • Dressage
  • Eventing
  • Field hunting
  • Leisure
  • Show jumping
  • Trail
French farrier Pierre-Antoine Thinet

I'm fond of innovations, when there is a new product, I want to try it

Pierre-Antoine Thinet, farrier in France

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